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Looking For a FUN Personal Trainer in Coburg North That Gets You Results Fast?

Seeking a personal trainer in Coburg who’s fun, caring and gets you results fast?

As a result from working thousands of sessions, Andi can transform your body with ease. Above all, she listens, gives fun workouts and supports you until you’re living with the body of your dreams.

Thinking of training with Andi out of her Coburg personal training studio?

If so, scroll through this site. Check our testimonials, photos, reviews and videos. And when you’re ready, give me a call or apply for your FREE personal training session.

If you have general questions about your transformation, or want to call me, make enquires about 1-on-1 or group training, then follow the links below.

If you live or work nearby, visit me at my fitness studio gym in Coburg North.

Andi delivering personal training in Coburg

Here's Why Body By Andi is Coburg's Choice For 1-on-1 Training & Group Fitness.

Results In as Little as 7 Days.

First we get to know you. After that, we prescribe the ideal exercises for your body type, personality and goals. This way, you achieve greater levels of fitness and achieve results as fast as your body can handle.

Warm, Caring 1-on-1 Private Personal Training & Group Fitness.

All 1-on-1 private personal training and group training is performed in the comfort and privacy of our Coburg personal training studio. Meaning, Andi becomes your fitness coach with no distractions. During your journey with BBA, Andi supports and is with you at all times – even with group training.

Nutrition Consultations With All Personal Training.

Knowing what to eat for your body type can give you 3x faster results than training alone. In addition to your training, your personal fitness trainer provides you with expert nutrition advice. Why do we do this? Because your results matter.


"After back surgery...my fitness and emotional wellbeing has never been better. I feel so incredibly grateful for the training."

"I recommend her to anybody. Absolutely fantastic. Lots of fun. She definitely listens to what you can or can't do."

"I lost 20kg in 12 weeks. She keeps all workouts interesting and keeps me motivated even when I'm not at the gym."

"I'm constantly meeting and exceeding my goals because training sessions are so dynamic and they're specifically tailored to me."

The BBA Experience

Body By Andi performs fitness consultations in her personal training studio.

Getting to Know You.

Before you start training with us, you and your trainer get to know each other. This way, Andi will know exactly the types of exercises, nutrition and workout structures to give you. As a result, you're trained with the most efficient personal training sessions, giving you a quicker transformation.

Nutrition Consults.

In just the first nutrition consultation, your trainer will tell you which foods make you recover quicker and the foods hurting your transformation. This way, you'll know which foods are made for your body type and the foods to avoid. Similarly, your personal fitness will improve and you'll notice a surge in energy levels.

We also take your weight and body measurements.

Progress Tracking.

Your progress is professionally tracked by Andi so you don't have to worry about a thing. This way, you never get 'stuck' and you're always progressing. As your fitness instructor, Andi will inform you if your nutrition needs adjusting. But, for them most part, you'll progress and stay motivated throughout your journey.

Increasing fitness with all technical personal training sessions.

Technical PT Sessions.

Andi makes sure you're performing each exercise correctly. This includes technique, speed, tempo and form. Correct exercise technique makes you stronger quicker, prevents injuries and results in much faster changes to your body.

Are You Into Group Fitness? Well, Why Not Join The Most Awesome Group Training in Coburg...

Tap ‘Call Now or SMS’ to speak with Andi, your group fitness trainer. Or, use the ‘Apply’ button below to book yourself a FREE session (you can choose between a free 1-on-1 or group session)

12 Week Transformations

All BBA Packages Come With:

Guaranteed Results With All Personal Training Sessions.

Searching for a personal trainer in Coburg that guarantees results? At Body By Andi we make it easy. With your personal training sessions, nutrition consults and fun workouts, you're guaranteed results in a very short time.

Warm, Caring 1-on-1 & Group Personal Training Sessions.

Andi has been regarded by many as the most caring personal fitness trainer in Coburg. She listens to your needs, motivates and supports you at all times.

Monthly Nutrition Consults With Your Trainer.

In addition to your training, knowing which foods to eat (and which to avoid) could be the difference between seeing drastic changes as opposed to no change at all.

The Right Exercises For Your Body Type & Personality.

As your trainer, Andi prescribes the right exercises producing the fastest results for your body type. Your personal fitness levels will improve, you'll get stronger and leaner. In addition, your workouts are fun and you'll love coming to each training session.

Monthly Progress Reports With Your Trainer.

Training with Body By Andi means you're progressing each week. This means you don't need to do anything else. Just come and train. We'll take care of adjusting your exercises and nutrition so you don't have to. Results never stop with BBA.

24/7 Motivational Phone Support.

If you're looking for a personal trainer in Coburg who can also motivate and train your mind, you've found the right place. If throughout your training you ever feel a loss of motivation, Body By Andi has your back. Just pick up the phone and speak with her. She'll recharge and bounce you back into a positive, results driven mindset in no time!

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Our Coburg personal training studio is located near Sydney Rd. Call me or make an enquiry If you live or work nearby.  

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