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If you're after FUN workouts which are goal focused and LIFE changing - you've come to the right place.

I’ve been changing lives of locals for many years now.

Established in 2012, Body By Andi is the premium place people come to for the ultimate in body transformations, FUN workouts and group fitness training in Coburg.

If you’re after focused 1-on-1 sessions, Body By Andi is the place to be. You’re trained in a closed, private environment so you can be guided, to make sure every exercise is performed correctly.

That’s one of the reasons why my 1-on-1 sessions are highly regarded as the best personal training choice in Coburg for a fast, life and body changing experience.

On the other hand, if you prefer working in a like-minded group environment, Body By Andi has the coolest group training in Coburg.

With constant workout varieties, immense fun, motivation and making new friends, there’s no other place to be.

Tap ‘Call Now or SMS Now’ to speak with Andi, your group fitness trainer. Or, use the ‘Apply Now’ button below to book yourself a FREE session.

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Our Coburg personal training studio is located near Sydney Rd. Call me or make an enquiry If you live or work nearby.