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31 Dawson St, Coburg North VIC 3058

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Thank You For Your Interest In Hiring Our Fitness Studio!

A fully private PT Studio totally to yourself!

We are a fully established fitness business, therefore we have all the equipment you need. From barbells, kettlebells, machines, ropes, dead balls, boxing bag, pads, and everything in between to train your clients the way you like.

Dedicated Time Slots

Book in to use the studio at the times convenient for you.

Convert New Clients Easier

The private 'warm' feel this studio conveys makes new leads (and clients) feel welcome and want to convert.

All The Equipment You Need

We have all the equipment needed for any training style. Your clients will love the variety and fun workouts you provide.

Only $20 Per Hour

Book in and rent your dedicated time slots at only $20 per hour! And best of all... the rent gets capped at $150 per week, no matter how much you use it.

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