Train Anywhere. Anytime. On Your Terms.

A new, smart way of online coaching.

Get fit, lose weight and totally transform your body on-the-go.

Train where you want and whenever you like with the expert guidance of Andi herself.

Customised Programs

Programs designed specifically for your body type, goals and environment.

Incredible Results

Ongoing changes to your program, exercise and nutrition so your body never stops changing!

Train Anywhere

Whether it's at home, in a gym or a park…BBA ON DEMAND customises and makes it work for you.

The BBA ON DEMAND Experience:

Whether you need a motivated mind, a stronger body or weight loss, BBA ON DEMAND does it all!

Motivated Mind

Progress through your workouts. Get more done in your day. Take on new challenges.

Weight Loss

Programs designed to build muscle and strip fat, giving you that long lean look you've always wanted.

Stronger Body

Lift heavier, show-off your new muscle tone slip into tighter clothes and experience firsthand the benefits of BBA ON DEMAND.


Boost your current training or let BBA ON DEMAND take care of it for you. Whatever your goals, we do it all!

Single 4-Week Program

Boost your current training or add variety to your workouts. A professionally written 4-week program that gets you results, fast.

16-Week Program

Let us take care of all your workouts. From start-to-finish, you receive 4 mighty programs designed to produce results beyond belief.

On-Demand Coaching

Take Andi with you as your personal fitness expert. From nutrition support, accountability, program monitoring, motivation and exercise instruction for the most complete On-Demand coaching out there!

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On-Demand Single

Single 4 Week Program

$ 100
One-Off Payment
  • Single 4 Week Program
  • Progression based
  • Fun & lots of variety
  • Customised for your goals & body type
  • Suitable for home, gym, outside, anywhere!

On-Demand Pro

16 Week Program

$400 $ 320
One-Off Payment
  • 4 x 4 Week Programs (16 Weeks total)
  • Progression based
  • Fun & even more variety
  • Reach your goals quicker
  • Customised for your goals & body type
  • Suitable for home, gym, outside, anywhere!

On-Demand Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

$ 60
  • Everything in On-Demand Pro, PLUS...
  • Weekly Face-to-Face online coaching calls
  • Nutrition support
  • More frequent program edits & monitoring
  • Unlimited access to personalised videos
  • Exercise instruction
  • Recorded sessions for you to keep forever